Designing an African Mask - Step 10

African Mask Design Lesson - Adapting your Design 5

Adapting your mask design - 6

  • Using card with a metallic or reflective surface can produce interesting effects in the way it scatters and changes the light and tone of the mask design.
  • It also modernises the style of these images which start to take on a sci-fi quality.
  • Sci-fi imagery is often based on the iconography of ethic or ancient cultures.
African Mask Design Lesson - Adapting your Design 6

Adapting your mask design - 7

  • Essentially you can use any materials that are capable of being cut and pasted to make our mask design. So try to experiment with any suitable media or techniques that comes to hand.
  • For example, the image above illustrates how our mask lesson has been adapted for the technique of marquetry - the cutting and gluing of thin veneers of dark and light woods to create a striking design.