Designing an African Mask - Step 9

African Mask Design Lesson - Adapting your Design 3

Adapting your mask design - 4

  • You can texture the card for your mask design with various materials such as paint, acrylic gesso, glue, sand, coloured tissue etc.
  • Rough, worn and weathered effects give the mask design an authentic antique look.
African Mask Design Lesson - Adapting your Design 4

Adapting your mask design - 5

  • The cut out sections of the mask could also be used to create a stencil for spraying your design onto any surface.
  • Whatever materials you use, you must keep a strong tonal contrast between the opposite halves of the mask.
  • You want your mask design to be bold and simple so that it may seen clearly from a distance.
  • Subtlety is not a quality you look for in tribal masks.