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The Royal Uraeus Crown


The Royal Uraeus Crown

The Royal Uraeus or Sacred Serpent Crown

This figure is seen wearing the Royal Uraeus Crown - also referred to as the sacred serpent crown. The Uraeus is a symbol of the Goddess Wadjet who was depicted in the form of a rearing cobra.

The head of a typical Egyptian figure is seen from the side, but the eye and body are seen from the front. Figures are usually shown wearing a traditional crown or headdress (nemes) and a pectoral decoration (menit) across the shoulders and chest.

The Egyptian Pharaohs wore different crowns for different occasions and to show their loyalty to certain gods associated with a crown.


Royal Uraeus Crown Sketch

Royal Uraeus Crown Sketch

You can click on the link or sketch above for a larger image that you may use to help you with your drawing of the Royal Uraeus Crown.

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Wall painting from the grave of Seti I.

Wall painting from the grave of Seti I.
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