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Sobek was depicted as a crocodile.

Sobek was the Egyptian god of the Nile which was believed to have been created from his sweat.

As Sobek possessed the strength and nature of a crocodile, which the Egyptians both feared and respected, he became a symbol of the Pharaoh's power.

The Nile, which was full of crocodiles, was important to the livelihood of the Egyptians.

It therefore made good sense to have a god like Sobek who could appease these ferocious beasts.


Sobek Sketch

Sobek Sketch

You can click on the link or sketch above for a larger image that you may use to help you with your drawing of Sobek.

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Relief carving of Sobek from the Kom Ombo temple.

Relief carving of Sobek from the Kom Ombo temple.
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