Two Pen and Ink Drawing Lessons

Our Pen and Ink Drawing Lessons explain the two techniques we used to create the ink drawings below. Each style of illustration explores a different approach to drawing with pen, ink and a color wash.

Lesson 1: A Detailed Pen and Ink Drawing (pages 1-4)

This pen and ink drawing lesson takes you through the various stages in the development of our detailed illustration of Whitby. It is a mixed media work on paper, using pencil, Indian ink and watercolor. This tutorial will help to develop your basic drawing skills in pencil, the use of cross-hatching and stippling techniques with Indian ink, and your watercolor painting skills.

Lesson 2: An Expressive Pen and Ink Drawing (pages 8 - 10)

This pen, ink and wash lesson illustrates and explains the various stages in creating our color drawing of Lindisfarne Priory. This is a less detailed, quicker and more expressive drawing technique than our previous tutorial. It is done on cartridge paper using black and color Indian inks applied with a pen and brush.