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Pen, Ink and Watercolor Materials


Pen and Ink Drawing Materials

Pen and Ink Drawing Materials

All the materials that you need to create a pen, ink and wash drawing are illustrated above and listed below:

Indian Ink is a type of ink that is waterproof when dry. It is supplied in bottles of various sizes and and a wide range of colors. The small bottle illustrated above is the most suitable for using at a desk.

Nibbed Pens (or Dip Pens) are necessary for drawing in Indian ink as fountain or cartridge pens clog as the ink dries. A nibbed pen, which is easily rinsed clean after use, comes in two detachable parts - the nib and its handle. They are sensitive drawing tools whose quality of line responds to the hand pressure you exert.

Watercolor paint comes in pans (illustrated above) and tubes. Pans are usually the most convenient for smaller work like our ink drawing, whereas tubes are more suitable for working on a larger scale. Watercolors also come in different qualities of pigment, the strongest and most light fast colors being the most expensive. You may also use colored inks or dyes for these drawing lessons. Although they are more transparent and brighter in color, they are usually less light fast.

You can use almost any brush for watercolour, but the most versatile are soft sable hair or good quality synthetic brushes. It is best to invest in a good brush which will retain its character and quality over time.

PENCILS: Choose any pencil that you can easily erase without leaving a mark. Ink drawings are often done on top of a preliminary pencil sketch which is later erased.

PAPER: In our experience, it is better to use a smooth paper of 180 gms or more. If you use a lighter weight of paper, you should stretch it to prevent it from buckling when wet. A good cartridge paper is very satisfactory, but it will yellow over time. If that is a problem, it is best to use a smooth HP (hot pressed) watercolor paper with a neutral PH.

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