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Color Pencil Portraits



In our Color Pencil Portrait Lesson we will lead you from the first tentative marks that you make on the paper, gradually building up the layers of line, tone, color, pattern and texture to complete a complex and skilful portrait. We also focus on the individual features of the face, explaining and resolving any difficulties you may encounter when drawing the eyes, nose, mouth, skin, hair and clothes.

Pencil Portraits



Our Pencil Portrait Lesson offers an illustrated step by step tutorial that guides you through Drawing a Pencil Portrait from start to finish. Our other lessons in this section focus on the Proportions of the Head, the difficulties you encounter in drawing the eyes, nose, mouth and ear, and the Pencil Shading Exercises that you should practice to develop your drawing technique.

Painting Portraits with Acrylics



Our lesson on 'Painting Portraits with Acrylics' illustrates the step by step skills and techniques of acrylic painting. As an example we use our painting of Robert Burns to guide you through the entire process of portraiture exploring such stages as: The Preparatory Drawing, Starting the Painting, Painting the Eyes, Painting the Skin, Painting the Hair, Painting the Clothes, Materials for Acrylic Painting and Framing the Portrait.

Pop Art Portraits



Our Pop Art Portrait Lessons offer you the choice of two projects: a Pop Art Project for single users and a Pop Art Group Project  that allows for up to 20 individuals to participate. Each project is clearly illustrated and easy to follow with many exemplars and templates to assist you.

Chuck Close Project



This lesson is a group projects for up to 20 students. It begins as a project on color and ends up as a large scale portrait that was inspired by the paintings of the American artist, Chuck Close.

To help you with the preparation for this lesson we have supplied free sets of images that you may print and use with your class or group. The templates from our Pop Art Portrait Lessons can also be adapted for this project.


Portrait Artists



Portraits express the beauty, status, power, wealth or character of their subjects. Artists use a wide range of media for portraiture, including drawing, printing, painting, sculpture, photography and multimedia.


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