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Artyfactory offers free art and design lessons for all. We are building a growing resource of art lessons, art history notes, ideas and techniques designed to improve your artistic skills and to increase your enjoyment in creating artworks.

Our lessons on African Masks teach you about different styles of masks, who makes them, how they are made and where they come from. You can also design your own African mask by following our illustrated lesson with simple step by step instructions.
Our Ancient Egyptian Art Lessons teach you about Egyptian art, gods, crowns, symbols and hieroglyphics. We invite you to try our painting lesson on how to create the time-worn effect of an Ancient Egyptian Portrait. We also host a lesson on how to create an Ancient Egyptian Cartouche using our simplified Hieroglyphic Alphabet.
Still Life is the best subject in art for both learning and teaching the skills of drawing and painting. Still Life teaches you how to look at an object and see it like an artist - with a conscious awareness of its outline, shape, proportions, tone, color, texture and form. Our step by step still life lessons will teach you the drawing techniques used to create the still lifes above. You can see an animated version of each technique in our Still Life Slideshows at the end of each lesson.
Our lessons on How to Draw Animals explore different techniques for drawing and painting a variety of creatures. Each lesson presents an illustrated step by step tutorial and ends with an animated slideshow of the drawing process from start to finish.


Our Pencil Portrait Lesson teaches you how to draw a portrait by explaining and illustrating each stage of the drawing process. We begin by exploring the basic proportions of a head. We then look at the technique used to draw each of the features of the face. Finally we take you through the entire process of drawing a portrait from a basic line study to a finished tonal drawing. We also throw in a page of pencil shading exercises to help you develop your tonal drawing technique.


Our acrylic Portrait of Robert Burns is used to demonstrate some of the skills and techniques involved in painting with acrylics. Each stage of this portrait, from its commission to its completion, is carefully explained and clearly illustrated to help you understand this detailed approach to painting with acrylics.


Pop Art Portraits offers you the choice of two projects: our Pop Art Portrait Lesson - a single art project for the individual student and our Pop Art Group Project - a collaborative lesson for a group of up to 20 individuals. Both lessons use a gallery of iconic Pop Art Portraits which demonstrate the bold and colorful techniques of this popular art style from the 1960's.


This lesson is a group projects for up to 20 students. It begins as a project on color and ends up as a large scale portrait that was inspired by the paintings of the American artist, Chuck Close.


Perspective Drawing is a technique used to represent three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional picture plane. In our series of lessons on perspective drawing we explain the various methods of constructing an image with perspective and show how these are used by artists and illustrators.


Our Pen and Ink Drawing Lessons illustrate two different approaches to drawing with pen, ink and color wash. The first approach explores a very detailed and careful technique, while the second uses a bolder and more expressive technique. There are also some worksheets to help you practice you pen and ink drawing techniques.


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'Mona Lisa' (c.1503) by Leonardo Da Vinci.

'Mona Lisa' (c.1503) by Leonardo Da Vinci.





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