Art Quizzes

Artyfactory's Art Quiz page offers you a fun way to develop your knowledge and demonstrate what you know about art and design. Each quiz is designed as an aid to study and can be used in combination with our art and design lessons.

African Mask Quiz

African Mask Quiz 1 tests your ability to identify individual mask designs while African Mask Quiz 2 tests your knowledge of the people and customs associated with a mask.

Ancient Egyptian Art Quiz

Our Ancient Egyptian Art Quiz tests what you know about Ancient Egyptian culture: their Art, Gods, Crowns and Hieroglyphics.

Color Quiz

Our Color Quiz tests your knowledge of the physical and psychological properties of color including color theory, color terms, color mixing and color symbolism.

Art Movements Quiz

Our Art Movements Quiz tests your knowledge of the great artists associated with each movement and your ability to recognise their individual styles of art.

Scoring the Quiz

  • At the end of each quiz you get a summary of your results that you can print as a record of your achievement. This includes:
  • The percentage grade you attained.

  • The number of questions answered correctly or incorrectly.

  • The time taken to complete the quiz.

  • A detailed illustration of your results with corrections.