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Design Lessons

Artyfactory offers free design lessons where you can teach yourself some basic principles of design by following our illustrated step by step instructions. We are building a growing resource of lessons that explore ideas and techniques aimed at improving your creative skills and increasing your enjoyment of design.


Repeat Patterns

A knowledge of how to design repeat patterns is an essential skill for any designer. Today, repeat patterns are seen almost everywhere but  they also reach back through the history of design and across all continents and cultures. They are used in tiling, wallpaper, textiles, wrapping and packaging, backdrops for text or illustrations in graphic media, jewellery and  architectural details. They are created in a wide range of media in both two and three dimensions. Most modern pattern design is done on computers for speed and accuracy but historically it was a craftsman like skill that identified some of the greatest artists and artisans of the day.

Color Theory

Our lessons on color theory teach you about the different ways that artists and designers use color. Our explanation of color terms helps you to understand and express how this visual element is used in art and design. You can also try our color quiz which is both fun and a great way to test what you know about color

Logotypes and Typography

Our lesson on how to design a logotype (a logo designed from fonts) teaches you several techniques that you can use to create interesting logo designs. We explain the art of typography and how to use that knowledge to create an effective logotype. We have also written a short illustrated history of logo design to set a context for our lessons.

How to Create and Develop Ideas

These design lessons illustrate composition techniques for creating ideas in graphic designs. They demonstrate a range of techniques that you can adapt to develop ideas for any graphic design. We also teach you the skills for evaluating your graphic designs to help you understand their strengths and weaknesses.


Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers create visual solutions to sell or communicate the concept of a product, campaign or event. Their work includes illustration, typography, posters, packaging, corporate identities, advertising campaigns, web design and digital multimedia.


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'African Marigold', (1876) Printed textile by William Morris.

'African Marigold', (1876) Printed textile by William Morris.



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