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How to Draw a Butterfly with Color Pencils

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    Drawing a Butterfly with Color Pencils
  • butterfly-1
    1: Draw the body and two wings on one side.
  • butterfly-2
    2: Establish the skeletal structure of the wings.
  • butterfly-3
    3: Outline the pattern of colors on the wings.
  • butterfly-4
    4: Mirror the image of the wings.
  • butterfly-6
    5: Start to establish the tonal structure of the drawing.
  • butterfly-8
    6: Finish the tonal study of the image before applying color.
  • butterfly-9
    7: Build up the color in layers: yellow.
  • butterfly-10
    8: Develop the color in layers: orange and red.
  • butterfly-12
    9: Add more layers of color: turquoise, blue and green.
  • butterfly-14
    10: The final layers of color: brown and black.


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