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The Royal Vulture Crown


The Royal Vulture Crown

The Royal Vulture Crown of the goddess Nekhbet

The Royal Vulture Crown offers protection from the goddess Nekhbet.

Nekhbet is frequently represented as a large vulture, flying above the head of the pharaoh. Her wings are usually spread open in a protective gesture, guarding him from his enemies.

Nekhbet is normally associated with the protection of Upper Egypt and she is often portrayed wearing the White Crown of Upper Egypt.

She was also known as the goddess of childbirth, mothers and children.


Royal Vulture Crown Sketch

Royal Vulture Crown Sketch

You can click on the link or sketch above for a larger image that you may use to help you with your drawing of the Royal Vulture Crown.

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Nekhbet's protective wingspan.

Nekhbet's protective wingspan.
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