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Framing the Portrait


'Robert Burns' by John MacTaggart, acrylic on canvas, 2007 ( 16"X24" )

'ROBERT BURNS' by John MacTaggart
acrylic on canvas, 2007 ( 16"X24" )
Collection of Edward Thomson Meek

The choice of a picture frame is very important as it can enhance or detract from a painting.

Frames should relate to the colour, proportions and style of the image while taking into account the context in which it will be hung.

If someone has commissioned or bought a painting from you, ask their opinion about the frame to ensure that you are in agreement about how it should look.

After discussing our clients wishes, the following considerations were taken into account in our choice of frame for the portrait of Robert Burns:

  • the portrait was to be hung against dark wooden paneling.
  • the frame had to be substantial.
  • the frame had to be sympathetic to the subject.

It was felt that the final choice of frame met these criteria as:

  • the gold leaf would pick up both ambient colour and light to help the image sit comfortably in its surroundings.
  • the proportions of the frame added strength and presence to the image.
  • the style of the frame was sympathetic to both the modern look of the portrait and the historical context of the subject.

.....but most importantly, the client was pleased with the final result.

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