Designing an African Mask - Step 7

African Mask Design Lesson - Styling the Hair1

Styling the hair - 1

  • On the light background draw a stylized design to represent hair or braids.
  • A straight, simplified, linear design is used here to contrast with the curves on the rest of the mask.
African Mask Design Lesson - Styling the Hair 2

Styling the hair - 2

  • Cut out the stylized hair braid, flip it over and place it onto the dark side of the design.
  • This completes the symmetry and is the final counterchange of the arrangement.
  • The layout of the mask is now complete.
African Mask Design Lesson - The Finished Mask

The Finished African Mask Design

  • Once you have completed the arrangement of your design, glue the light shapes down onto the dark background.
  • Take care to ensure that a neat line is formed down the middle of the mask where the two halves of the design meet.
  • An accurate symmetry across this line is essential to the success of your image.