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African Mask Lesson - Art Materials


African Mask Design Lesson - Materials 1


  • To begin with you need two similar sized sheets of thick paper or card, one light in tone, the other dark.
  • The contrasting tones will be used to create a balance of positive and negative features in the design.
  • You will also need a pencil, scissors or craft knife, and some glue.


Arranging your paper


African Mask Design Lesson - Materials 2


  • Fold the light sheet in half down its vertical length and cut along the crease.
  • This should give you two equal halves.
  • Take one of the light halves and place it over the dark sheet as in our example above, creating one half dark and one half light.
  • Arrange these sheets in portrait format.

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African mask from Cameroon.

African mask from Cameroon.
Photo: © Daderot