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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics - S, T and U

This lesson translates the letters S, T and U into Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Hieroglyph S


The folded cloth is used for the "S" sound in words like sun and sand, and names like Stephen and Susan.

Hieroglyph T


The bread loaf is used for the "T" sound in words like talk and trade, and names like Thomas and Tanya.

Hieroglyph U


There are two hieroglyphs for the letter "U". They represent the different sounds of the letter.

  • The quail chick is used for the long "U" sound in words like rule, pull and duel, and names like Una.

  • The reed and quail chick are combined for the short "U" sound in words like jump and up, and names like Ursula.

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