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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics - G, H and I

This lesson translates the letters G, H and I into Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Hieroglyph G


There are two hieroglyphs for the letter "G". They represent the different sounds of the letter.

  • The pot stand is used for the hard 'G' sound in words like great and God, and names like Gary and Margaret.

  • The cobra is used for the soft 'G' sound in words like gentle, giant and names like George and Gemma.

Hieroglyph H


There are two hieroglyphs for the letter "H". The top image is a shelter. The bottom is a wick.

  • Either hieroglyph can be used for the "H" sound in words like house and home, and names like Henry and Hazel.

  • Choose the one that creates the best design in your word.

Hieroglyph I


The single reed is used for all "I" sounds in words like image and idea, and names like Ian and Isobel.

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