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An Introduction to Still Life Painting

The practice of still life painting develops and strengthens your natural level of drawing ability. It improves your observation and rendering of shape, tone, color, pattern and texture in a range of different media.

  • Slide Show

Our introduction to still life painting explains and illustrates the step-by-step process of how we painted the work above.

  • You can see a shorthand version of the process in our slide show and a more detailed explanation of each step in our menu below.

  • These will guide you from the first stages of the drawing to the refined outcome of the final image.

You will learn about:

  • The basic techniques of drawing and painting a still life.

  • How and when to tackle different sections of the painting: the background and foreground, the bottles, the vase, the apples and the reflective objects.

  • How to build up the tones, colors and textures of the objects to form a unified still life group. The objects used in our still life were chosen to demonstrate the painting of transparent, reflective and solid forms.

  • The particular challenges posed by using different media. e.g. pencil, chalk pastels, oil pastels and paint.


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